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Performance problems

Hey guys,


several days ago, we had some performance problems on one of the computers. So, does anyone else experience a MAJOR slowdown when running the GTW applications?  I hadn't noticed it much in the past but our last webinar was painful as our programs didn't really work for several minutes.  I've run through this many times before launching GTW and no problems.  From what I know, possibly recording the webinar through the GTW app is maybe slowing down the computer?  But again, I've been doing this for years now. Any suggestions? 


Thanks 🙂

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Performance problems

Hi Danny,

Can you say what device and operating system version is in use there?


If you were recording locally, and the file started getting very large, then it may explain some of the slow down.


Otherwise, I would check with the device manufacturer's website for any available driver updates before testing again. 

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Re: Performance problems

Hey Ash, thank you for your answer.


I record with my Dell 64 bit laptop and Windows 10.  I don't think any of this should be too much of an issue.  Plenty of space available (although I recently freed up more space so maybe this will help).  
I do record locally but it's only for an hour, so I don't expect the file to be that big in comparison to a 4 hour training with your tool GoToTraining. 
It would be interesting to know what driver updates you suggest specifically.  As far as I know all drivers are updated but sometimes you dig into it deeper and find there are some additional updates that could be applied.
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