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New Contributor

Problem with the "Confirmation Email to Registrants"

There is a problem with the standard language Go To Webinar uses in the "Confirmation Email to Registrants". When building the email by adding custom text boxes we can see most of the actual information that will go out to registrants in the email. Unfortunately GTW hides one important item of text from the organizer and it can only be viewed in the preview screen. Specifically this text that appears at the very bottom of the email in the preview:

To Cancel this Registration

If you can't attend this webinar, you may cancel your registration at any time.

The cancellation functionality is wonderful for people who decide to they don't want to attend or be notified further about the webinar, but GTW also gives us the ability to send recordings to registrants who miss the event. I want my registrants to leave their registrations intact, so they can access the recordings. The language of this hidden message seems to imply that the registrant should cancel the registration "if you can't attend". It would be more accurate for this hidden text to read, "You may cancel your registration at any time." or "You may cancel your registration at any time to stop receiving notifications about this event."
I have many registrants who contact me about this cancellation text because they want to get the recording and our messaging always tells them to register, even if they can't attend. 
Active Contributor

Re: Problem with the "Confirmation Email to Registrants"

Totally agree... my registration list will be 65 and then will tick down as the reminder goes out and people cancel... really silly. They registered - they are still interested - they are still a lead. My two cents.