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New Contributor

Question on Pre-Recorded webinars

Thanks for taking the time to read. We've been using pre-recorded webinars since GoTo started to offer them, and we run them near daily. We love them!


The other day, for the first ever time, an attendee contacted us. They had attended the first 30 minutes of our pre-record, been disconnected and when they had rejoined the webinar it had restarted from the beginning.


I've never known this to happen and it's something we'd rather not have happen - we go to great effort to ensure our pre-records look live and this not only gives the game away - it pretty much puts people off the webinar entirely as they are faced with rewatching from the beginning.


My question is - is there any setting we can change to stop this happening? We'd like people who have to rejoin to see the webinar where it should be from the start time.


Any help would be awesome - thank you!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Question on Pre-Recorded webinars

@theinsightgroup  I'm sorry about that behavior, it is expected to start from the beginning of play, for now.  We know this is not ideal, and are considering options to change the way recorded events are broadcast in the future.  There are no playback settings that you can manage yourself I'm afraid.