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New Contributor

Recorded Event

We scheduled a test recorded webinar versus live.  Recorded states that "attendees can join at any time or at a set time".  During our test, after the recording had been playing for 30 minutes we had an attendee join.  It did not start from the beginning, rather it started at the 30 minute mark.  So they can technically join at any time, however they may miss the first 30 minutes in this example.  Is that correct?


Also, can we have a live person introduce the recorded session and do closing remarks live?

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Recorded Event

I never do recorded webinars, but I think I am correct when I say that you cannot have a live introduction or closing remarks at the end.


You can do that with a regular Live webinar, where you can have a live intro, then show the recording, then do your closing remarks.  The issue here is that if an attendee joins the webinar halfway through, the recording starts for them at the beginning.  Then when you think everyone has finished watching the video and are ready for the closing remarks, you might cut off the end of the recording for some folks.