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Recurring webinars - register for one event / all

How do I change a recurring webinar from register once for all events to register for the event you want to attend? This used to be an option in the go to webinar old view - I can't find it anywhere on the new interface and now that I've gone back to the old view, this option has also disappeared from the setup page. 


Edit: It's a recorded webinar on a custom schedule. The option appears when setting up a live webinar but not a recorded webinar. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Recurring webinars - register for one event / all

Hi @rmahynes ,

When Organizers use a recorded webinar to schedule recurring events, the assumption is that each attendee will only choose one broadcast from the series--- which could vary with live webinar presentations, but not with a repeating recording.

New Contributor

Re: Recurring webinars - register for one event / all

Hi Ash. Yes, that's my problem, - when I set up a recorring recorded webinar, it automatically set it up so that attendees register for all occurences, which doesn't make sense as there's no logic behind attendees watching the same recording multipte times. I've since cancelled the webinar and set it up again and it worked ok, just a waste of a few hours adding about 50 different dates to the webinar before I realised it, then to do it all again.