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Search for Past Recordings

In the new GoToWebinar interface (the "new look"), the search functionality is missing from My Recordings. I can no longer search for past recordings by name. The date created information is also now gone. Instead of listing the specific date and time of a recording, it just says "a month ago". This is not particularly useful. We have dozens and dozens of recordings, and to search for them, I have to manually click through about 12 individual pages, just looking for the one with the right name. I can't even opt to view all on one page so I could use the browser search function. This is a HUGE loss of functionality in the new interface, and it's essential that this gets fixed before the switch to the new layout is final. 

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Re: Search for Past Recordings

HI @denalesh ,

We are still finalizing a few feature upgrades with the new-look GoToWebinar website.  I will check to see what the status is on recording search functionality.