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Source Tracking with HubSpot and GoToWebinar Integration

We recently moved our webinar registrations over to be on HubSpot landing pages and sync the registrations directly with GoToWebinar in the form processing steps. While hosting webinar registration on a HubSpot landing page has given us more flexiblity with how the registration page looks, it seems we might have lost the functionality to track registration sources in GoToWebinar reporting. 


Does anyone know of a workaround to be able to use a HubSpot landing page w/ the GoToWebinar integration and still allow for source tracking to work in reporting? Is there something that can be done with the URL string and have that pass over? 

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Re: Source Tracking with HubSpot and GoToWebinar Integration

Hi @cpearce 


HubSpot built their integration using our API which has support for source tracking, but I am not sure if they have updated their integration to use that API feature yet. I will check internally to see if anyone has any suggestions.



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Re: Source Tracking with HubSpot and GoToWebinar Integration

Thank you for looking into this Glenn. I'm wondering if there might be a way to embeed some JavaScript on our HubSpot registration page to retreive the registration source from the URL query string and that would pass over to the GoToWebinar w/ the registration and be accessible for reporting in the platform. 

But really just looking for any workaround. 

Thank you!