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Still Waiting for LogMeIn Solution for PowerPoint Embedded Video Problems

Update as of 14May 2020...Now four months, and counting, waiting for a LogMeIn solution


I’d have to give LogMeIn and their Customer Service an "F".

Here are three biggest problems I’ve had with LogMeIn (GoToWebinar);

  1. LogMeIn  isn't compatible with one of the most basic, common and widely used business tool...PowerPoint (PPT) and its embedded video feature.
    1. Videos are too choppy and seriously distracts webinar participants away from the intended learning objective. As a result, we fail to meet critical training objectives
  2. LogMeIn option to upload a limit of five videos per webinar session made the situation much worse:
    1. Played around with video frame rate in hope that would help...nope
    2. Played around with video resolution in hope that would help...nope
    3. At times there were hiccups with the video editing software which compounded the problem
    1. We generally have up to 10 -12 User videos per webinar; LogMeIn's only five-video limit doesn’t work
    2. Had to learn and use video editing software and spend about 80 ugly hours to combine 4-6 User videos into one LogMeIn video. Multiply that times 4-6 video segements per webinar times 10 webinar
    3. By combining 4-6 User videos into one LogMeIn upload video, we were now forcing participants to mentally “track” 4-6 different User topics at the same time. When the LogMeIn video ends and there is discussion, there was always some confusion as to which of the 4-6 User videos in the one LogMeIn video are we discussing
    4. The LogMeIn uploaded video capability only offers play and stop, no rewind…therefor no opportunity to go back and view again a second time which is usually needed
  3. (My biggest problem!!) LogMeIn video upload seriously disrupted to flow of the rules presentations. Our PPT presentations…text, animation, and embedded video… are highly scripted, formatted and orchestrated between text, animation and video to achieve a high degree of audience attention, maximize participation and maximize their learning experience
    1.  The jumping was DISTRACTING
    2.  Jumping caused the presentations to grow much longer (not a good thing),
    3.   Jumping back and forth added time and forced me to reduce presentation content (not a good thing) to maintain time
    4. Jumping caused participants learning experience to be lowered (definitely not a good thing) and less effective
    1. LogMeIn video upload caused us to jump between the PPT presentation and the LogMeIn video library.

As a business solution provider, I was expecting LogMeIn to provide a simple, turn key solution. Again, PPT is a basic business tool and anyone in the business solution business should be compatible with these types of tools employed by a Customer. It's not the Customers job to make a business solution work for their business. It's the job of the provider to adjust to the needs of the Customer. 

I've actually tested other webinar providers, in particular Zoom, and so far they and two other providers offer excellent PPT embedded video capability. I've provided that feedback to my management

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Still Waiting for LogMeIn Solution for PowerPoint Embedded Video Problems

You have discovered that GoToWebinar was never designed to show videos. It is only recently they added the ability to upload videos that you can show during a webinar.


You have apparently found a solution outside of GoTo that works for you.  Congratulations.


I use GoTo a lot, but it is not the only tool I use to communicate information to my audience


I should ask Craftsman to create one single hand tool that could replace the hundreds of hand tools I have in my tool box.  That would certainly be more efficient to reach for one tool that can screw, wrench, pry, ply, hammer, chisel, carve, and do everything else. 

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Re: Still Waiting for LogMeIn Solution for PowerPoint Embedded Video Problems


Good to hear from you. No, I haven't found a solution. By putting a square peg into a round hole I may have created an "ugly workaround" that is...well ugly... and in no way does it represents a viable solution. Even though GTW may not have been designed to support PPT embedded video, why on earth isn't GTW not keeping pace with other business solution (webinar) Providers that do offer this type of capability. So...the business community (i.e. we Customers) are constantly changing so we stay competitive and stay in business. ZOOM changed. Zoom was originally designed as an inter-corporate communication tool. Zoom was not designed for B2B or Consumer webinars. As a result of increased demand in these two markets, Zoom changed its original design in order to be compatible...AND RESPONSIVE to those market needs. Why is LogMeIn so static. A Customer has raised a concern, a flaw, a hole, a Customer need and I'm told to go find my own solution. Why should a Customer do that? Instead, why shouldn’t Customers abandon LogMeIn and go find another provider that is more responsive to Customer needs? 


New Contributor

Re: Still Waiting for LogMeIn Solution for PowerPoint Embedded Video Problems

I have read all of your messages about this issue and I am currently researching it for my company. We are having the issue with Zoom and thinking of switching to a different video conferencing vendor (but certainly not GoTo due to your advice and that of others). I was wondering what vendor you switched to that allowed powerpoint to play and share the embedded videos?

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Still Waiting for LogMeIn Solution for PowerPoint Embedded Video Problems

That feature is available in GoToMeeting, and hopefully soon it will be in GoToWebinar.