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Streaming video using wirecast and gotowebinar



I tried using Wirecast and Gotowebinar and when playing videos on Wirecast (MP4-files under 4 GB) I found that the audio and video is a bit off when streaming through Gotowebinar. Is there a way of getting a better stream when using these two programs? I know theres a way of sharing videos through Gotowebinar but using Wirecast gives me a better range of usage and broadcast possibilities. 


Should I use a different file type or quality of the video? What quality is beeing streamed through Gotowebinar as a default? 


Thank you for the answers. 

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Re: Streaming video using wirecast and gotowebinar

Just to be clear -- You are showing a video in Wirecast, and you are sharing the Wirecast window, or entire computer screen, with the GoTo audience?


Usually the issue when doing something like this is a lower frame rate that results in jerky motion in the video.


The only way to get a good quality video playback for your GoTo audience is to upload the videos to your GoTo webinar session and play them back from within the webinar.  Not everyone will be seeing the exact same video frame at the same time, but the video quality is very good.