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Time stamp for when a poll is launched in GTW

Please add in the functionality to time stamp when a poll is launched in GoToWebinar.  This could be added into the attendee report.  Maybe even show when it was launched and when it was closed, but even just when it was launched would be helpful.

We sometimes have attendees say they never saw a poll or were unable to answer it, but they is reason to believe they were not even logged in at the time of the poll (this pertains to issuing credit to attendees).

A time stamp would allow us to confirm when the participant joined and when the poll was launched.  Having this system generated would be much easier and more reliable than tracking it by handwritten notes.

Active Contributor

Re: Time stamp for when a poll is launched in GTW

Good afternoon, I will of course pass this on to our product team as something that our customers would like to see.