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URL Technical Details Question

My company publishes the URL that is generated when setting up a new webinar on its website.


One of the issues we've found is that when a visitor clicks this link it redirects them to If they click the back button on their browser to go back to our website, they land on the initial page instead of our page and they have to click a second time in order to get back.


My question is, are there any technical reasons why I shouldn't publish the URL on my website instead of the URL?


Thank you!

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Re: URL Technical Details Question

Hi @kcclemo

The 'attendee' url reference in the newest live webinar registration links are the standard format we designed for the platform moving forward.  What kind of webinars are you scheduling where 'register' is being created fore new registrants?

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to Re: URL Technical Details Question

Hello @AshC,

You can take a look here:


Click "Sign up" to see the issue I'm referencing. The sign-up link links to because that is what is provided in our dashboard.

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Re: to Re: URL Technical Details Question

Was this webinar scheduled a long time ago, or was it a template you copied from an older webinar?  Both formats appear to work separately, so you shouldn't have any issues with them. 


Have you considered redirecting successful registrants back to your web page after they finish filling out the form?  This can be customized in the webinar's registration settings to any web address of your choosing.