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User registration through API

In the step 2 of  getting started document ( please refer: ) it's says that "This set of steps assumes you will be making calls on behalf of registered users." does this mean that the users should already have an account at gotowebnair?
If yes, is it possible to register an user to gotowebnair / gotomeeting directly through an API (from a middle layer application).
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Re: User registration through API

Hi @jithinwilfred ,

Although we don't currently have forums dedicated to APIs / Developers (this Community is for everyday users), I can say that your interpretation is correct there:  You need an account key and organizer key to work with certain calls--- like importing contact lists for registration purposes.


There are ways to create new users en masse-- but this is done through active directory, and not API.

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Re: User registration through API

Thanks for your reply.


Active directory is to set up for a company right, to manage the company users. (correct me if I am wrong)


My requirement is like


I want to develop an app that provides user registration

the registered user can manage events host webnairs and manage attendees

the app features live streaming of webinar 

the allowed attendees can attend the event 


Basically the app is similar to gotowebinar but with limited features


Does gotowebinar provides live streaming sdk integration ?

Can I use Gotowebinar/Gotomeeting API / features for developing this kind of app ?


If yes,


Is it necessary to register the user ( who register in my app) to gotowebinar website ?

What would be the pricing of user registration ?


Does gotowebinar provides features to develop an app with the above requirement

or should I go live streeming app like wowza  and develop the app from the scratch

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Re: User registration through API



The GoToWebinar APIs are limited to the following features:

  • Schedule webinars of one or more sessions
  • Tailor your webinars with panelists, polls, questions and surveys
  • Accept registrations
  • Manage registrants and, once the webinar starts, attendees
  • View data about historical and future webinars, registrants and attendees

It is not possible to build an application like you are describing using the GoToWebinar API.


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