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Video playback issues for Attendees

I encountered some problems when using G2W


1. When I shared an uploaded video (pre-recorded video), some users’ mobile phones displayed "Sorry, this part of the seminar cannot be viewed on your device."


2. When playing a video (pre-recorded video), some participants only have video but no audio.


3. Because our country is not an English-speaking country, but the video provided by the lecturer is in English, so we used two users The video played by the first user is in English (the problems found are in Question 1. & Question 2.) The video played by the second user is a "silent video". While the video is playing, an interpreter uses a microphone (through the mixer and audio interface) to broadcast to the online participants (we first go to the G2W control panel, Sharing videos, while sharing videos, the microphone will be automatically muted, we "have" unmute the microphone (both on G2W & mixer) But the voice of the participants is terrible (sometimes there will be no audio) I guess it is not caused by the expander&gate built into the software, because there is no such situation during opening&closing.


4. We held a seminar a while ago. The seminar lasted for 12 hours. We found that after a long period of time, the webcam would be automatically turned off and then could not be opened again.




The above is the problem I encountered when using G2W


Sorry, my English ability is not very good, I use translation software to translate



Chris Droessler
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Re: Problems encountered when using G2W

2. When playing a video (pre-recorded video), some participants only have video but no audio.

When you play a video during a GoToWebinar, the audio can be heard only on computer/device speakers.  If the Attendee decided to use the telephone for the audio part of the webinar, the sound for the video will not play through the phone, but will play through the computer/device speakers. If the computer does not have speakers, or if they are muted, then there will be no audio.


On question 3, you should be able to have someone talk during the video, especially since the video is silent.  If the person speaking sounded bad, perhaps the person speaking needs to get closer to the microphone or speak louder.


For question 4, I wonder if the computer's security settings shut down the camera.  Was this a built-in webcam or an external webcam?

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Re: Problems encountered when using G2W

2. So before the next meeting, I should turn off the phone function to reduce the incidence of this error

3.This problem is that when the translation microphone speaks, there will be no sound on the line (sounds intermittently), but when I monitor on the mixer, the sound is normal

And when the movie is not playing (Q&A/closeing), the sound sounds normal again (without intermittent)



4I am sure that my settings are all normal,
Then I use video capture to use the HDMI signal of the video camera on the computer. The problem is that once I was in a very long meeting, the cameras were normal at first, but after 8-9 hours The camera is automatically turned off (the camera here refers to the camera on the gotowebinar control panel), showing a gray state, and then the camera cannot be turned on again, until the end of the meeting, I restart the webinar, and the camera on the gotowebinar control panel again Back to normal

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Re: Problems encountered when using G2W

@weihan   Were you able to resolve these issues through troubleshooting?  If not, we'd like to know more about the videos you're sharing in webinars currently.