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Video playback not working

I do a recorded introduction at the beginning of my webinars where I go over the housekeeping slides. In yesterday's webinar the video froze on the welcome screen (that's what I saw while the webinar was live), and in viewing the webinar today I see it shows the first slide then jumps to the final slide near the end, completely leaving out  the middle slides. The audio was fine, however. The video was created using a 4-5 slide PPT with recordings and minimal transitions.


The .mp4 was uploaded and played through GoToWebinar and I triple-checked it before I uploaded it and with a practice, so I'm not sure what is happening. I'm on Chrome and my internet speed test said I have plenty of speed. 


Some of my webinars include a recorded presentation -- not just the intro. What if those videos fail on me as well?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Video playback not working

Hi @julieswork

Are you able to recreate the same problem now if you test another broadcast and record to see what the attendee experience is like?


If so, what happens if you rename the existing MP4 file and re-upload it to another webinar schedule?

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Re: Video playback not working

I will try it again to see if that happens again. Sometimes I've seen video glitches live but then the recording afterwards is fine -- in this case the video glitch was live and also in the recording of the webinar so it was very disappointing since the .mp4 works fine independently of GoToWebinar.