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Visual Design Limitations for Registration Pages

Hi there,

I am coming up against design limitations when creating webinar registration pages.

I like to add images but it always looks small and doesn't add much impact or value.

Also, for webinars with more than one time choice (to accommodate delegates in different time zones), there doesn't appear to be a way of making the time choices a radial button rather than a drop down? 

It's not possible for people to see an alternative time until they click on the time zone, which unfortunately isn't an obvious drop down at all.


Is GoToWebinar compliant with Force24?  If so, we could build a more visually impactful registration page there, and feed all the delegates automatically through to GoToWebinar.  

Could you please confirm if this would be possible?

Many thanks for your continued assistance with all my questions!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Visual Design Limitations for Registration Pages

@Rach1   Some of the asks here are on our radar, though they are mostly separated in the GoToWebinar Community Ideas section for others to comment and review / follow.  One example is the idea to allow for additional registration options like selecting individual events or times within a recurring registration form.


Force24 I'm not that familiar with, but it appears to be a marketing platform mainly used in the EU?  I'm not sure what you mean by 'compliant', but we are fully GDPR mindful there.

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Re: Visual Design Limitations for Registration Pages

Hi Ash

Thank you so much for your response. It's great to hear that these issues are currently being looked at.  GoToWebinar is a great service, and the restrictions with the design element of the registration page is the only issue that I'm coming up against, so I appreciate the work that's being done in this area.  Thanks!