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Webcam Resolution?

What is the resolution for GTW streaming 720 p or 1080p? Could not fine that anywhere.


The reason for asking is that we experience a very good quality on the live webinars in GTW. We are also  using WebJam with 720 p streaming true YouTube - the quality there is not good.

Anyone having any experience here?

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Re: Resolution

@heidi5 GoToWebinar provides up to 25 streams at 640p x 480p for a maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p.  Are you using something like ManyCam for live streaming your videos? 

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Re: Resolution

Hi. I'm also looking into understanding the resolution limits of gotoWebinar.  I want my video to be seen in full HD by everyone else and for me to see all participants in a gallery view. Can GoToWebinar achieve this? And what are the requirements besides my hardware setup?

Thank you


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Re: Resolution

@miscgoma  While you can't really dictate the way attendees 'see' webcam views, if you are the only staff member sharing a webcam it should appear closer to 1080p.  Staff requirements would be higher than attending a webinar alone: 

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Re: Resolution

Hi ,


Max send resolution for GoToWebinar WebCam is 720p.
When you receive more than one video, the resulting total receive resolution of all the videos together can be higher.
But as Ash says, it depends also on the viewers resolution - so if you are sharing your screen in parallel, the viewer has only limited screen real estate to show the webcam, and hence the sender might switch to sending a lower resolution.