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Webcam not working

Hello - 

I held a webinar yesterday that included the use of webcams and the feature was operational in the GoToWebinar control panel.


In a webinar I've started this morning, the webcam option was not available, it did not work for panelists or organizers.


As the first organizer in the system this morning,  the webcam option appeared on the panel but it said connecting. The issue was never resolved. We have started our broadcast without the webcam feature working.


I saw a previous message on the community board reporting this issue but the tech respondent was not addressing the issue, rather implying user error.


This is not a user error, there is an issue with your webcam feature. Please look into this issue and let me know how this can be resolved.  It's frustrating trying to rely on your system for our webinar needs when its features are not consistently working.


Kind Regards - J

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Webcam not working

Sorry about that @Jen7 !


Is the problem still happening on newly scheduled webinars currently?

If so, can you toggle the setting to allow staff to share webcams off / on again?

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Re: Webcam not working

This issue has yet to occur again.