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New Contributor

blutooth issues on ipad

I cannot get GoToWebinar to use blutooth on my iPad (iOS 14.4) or my iPhone (iOS 14.4.2).

ALL other apps will connect to blutooth just fine. However, GoToWebinar refuses to play audio through any of the following:

Bose SLII speaker

New Beats earbuds

JBL headphones

The JVC sound system in my car.


Since all other apps will work fine, I know the devices are ok and I know the iPad and iPhone will connect to them just fine. How do I get THIS app to connect to them? This issue renders the product practically unusable to me.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: blutooth issues on ipad

@mdennis74  Thank you for those specs.  I will see if we can replicate this behavior internally.

New Contributor

Re: blutooth issues on ipad

I was able to get it to connect this week after uninstalling and reinstalling the GoToWebinar app and then 'forgetting' all bluetooth devices. I will update if it starts to behave badly again.