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Ron Westerhout
Active Contributor

'choppy' incoming video, perfect outgoing webcam on fibre internet, both perfect on 4G hotspot

Okay, hope the title covers the issue.
We run GoToWebinar over a high-speed (200/200 )fibre connection* but still the incoming webcams have choppy video while the sound is oke. For a normal meeting that kinda works, but we process this meeting through to a streaming platform for a worldwide audience. Normally we 'blame' this to the internetconnection of one of the participants, but now all webcam images have this issue so we ran a doublecheck with a co-worker from home, discovering that we had smooth video there. And, the webcam image we were sending was smooth like a Kojaks hair.

Even running the meeting with 4G hotspot over wifi from my iPhone had better results.

So as a plan B we switched to our second fibre (an even faster 500/500) with the same choppy results.

Plan C was using our  'if all else fails'-connection ( cable internet 500/50). Using this connection had the same smooth video via the 4G, so our conclusion was that the speed of the connection wasn't really that important, but more the way the transport is being arranged over the stream.

We contacted our isp and managed to convince him that this issue was somehow caused in his part of the connection and they are trying to find out where and how to solve it.

Based on all tests we conclude that GoToWebinar download is somehow different than all other download traffic (we are hosting meetings all day on all imaginable platforms). Due to COVID restrictions all 'normal' staff is working from home and thus not affecting our traffic (and if they would, it would only be on 1 fibre connection)

So, long story short, does any of you GoToWebinar users of support have an idea how to solve this problem.

*) says for the 200/200 fibre
PING ms 5
 DOWNLOAD Mbps 193.26
 UPLOAD Mbps 187.62