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New Contributor

iFrame for registration Form

Hi, I want to embed the LogMeIn registration form to have the whole form embedded in my own Website.

Is there an iFrame // JS snippet for this?

I want that customer I do not know yet can registrate to webinars on my own website. I would like to avoid engineering effort using the official API.

My standard iFrame html did not run successfully so far. But according to some of the comments in these posts it may work (?):

Thank you
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GoTo Moderator

@12chris12  You are free to use the GoTo APIs as needed, by first registering for a developer account here:  


Reference guides are available there, as well as a support template should you need further guidance. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

ok, so you say instead of creating an iFrame / JS snippet within 5 minutes I need to 


  1. create an OAuth client 
  2. request an Access Token to make API calls.
  3. test API calls
  4. build an own login form
  5. connect each login field of that form to the API 



I mean I am sure I can do great things with the API and it is for sure useful. But for my use case it is absolutely over-engineered.