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registrants could not join the webinar

Good morning,


We hosted a webinar yesterday but had some people complaining they could not join.

One of the reported issues was that someone who could not join on his mobile.

The other issue was someone using his computer to login, clicking the "join webinar" link, tried in three different browsers, got a message: Connected to GoToWebinar , Let's get started! but nothing else happened. Anyone any idea what could have happened here?




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: registrants could not join the webinar

Hi @AstridH

Without knowing the operating systems and hardware / firewall software in use I can give you my best guess as to what went wrong there.

  1. The mobile attendee may not have known to install the GoToWebinar app before joining the webinar, and thus received that web page message.  This is a bit confusing, and that's why it would help to have more information from them, like if they've ever joined a GoTo session previously.
  2. The second user on their desktop would have downloaded the GoToOpener if they were using a supported operating system with the admin rights to download new apps.  Even if they don't have these rights, GoTo will attempt to send them to the web app instead, which should also connect them to the live broadcast.  So I'm guessing they may have a firewall involved there, for which we have some instructions they can follow before the next event.

Here is a place where attendees can test their system out before the start of their next GoTo event: