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Changing to a private network

So my question is, How does one change the "Hamachi network" from Public to Private?


If you so desire, you can skip my mumbling and just look at the picture - explains everything.

I can't seem to figure it out, and it's getting sorta annoying, as It means I cant host.

Happened after I switched my computer and my network settings weren't saved, who would guess.

I'd also like to mention that I have changed to a different ISP, however that is not the issue,

and we managed to confirm that with a friend of mine. Pretty much all I want to know is,

how you can switch a networks setting and the simplified... "settings" that Windows 10 

introduced does not help. Anyways, here's a picture if you haven't figured out what I need.



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Re: Changing to a private network

i really want to know how to change Public to private [Hamachi] too. cause i have some problems with ping [request time out]  when i ping to other PCs. but they can ping me as well and i tried to solve but it still does'nt work.  What the problems that happened with my PC?

Hope all dears be honest to reply me.

Best regards from SEANG MOV!

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Re: Changing to a private network

1. launch powershell as administrator

2. Get-NetConnectionProfile

     you'll get a list of interaces with names, indexes, etc.

3. Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex <index number> -NetworkCategory Private

     where  <index number> is the index of the Hamachi interface


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Re: Changing to a private network

Hey, so I've been having this same problem. And I've tried your solution and it's giving me an error saying that it doesn't recognize the function. With this being said I feel like the error is on my part and I'm not typing it in right. Is there anything that I am leaving out that I should know if I'm going off your exact input? 


Re: Changing to a private network

MT1. Thank you very much. 

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Re: Changing to a private network

You could've helped me but you chose to not bother setting the language to english 😞

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Re: Changing to a private network

Thanks for an email from a 5 year old thread; Don’t necropost. With that being said, following the translations in the image, it should be clear enough what the text says.
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Re: Changing to a private network

¡Thanks! I could jump over at least three layers of Windows UI crap with this 🙂