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New Contributor

Duplicate hamachi subscription charge

good morning:

On the 24th I made the payment for my annual hamachi subscription but on the 25th they charged me again.

How do I get my duplicate payment canceled? There is no direct email for the support area, note that the region to which I belong is in the support area.

If anyone can give me an email so they can help me with this problem.

New Contributor

Como crear un ticket de soporte tecnico

Buenos dias :

Como se puede crear un ticket directo de soporte técnico ya que en la pagina

no hay un correo de contacto y la región a la que que pertenezco no figura en la lista

de llamadas.

O sino un mail a donde les pueda escribir y que me ayuden.


GoTo Manager

Re: Como crear un ticket de soporte tecnico

Hi @IFS,


I have opened a support ticket for you, someone will be in contact to assist.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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