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Hamachi - Peer Connections

Hi, I have just started using, evaluating Hamachi to integrate into my workflow. 

A couple things are unclear. I am hoping the community here can assist?

A colleague and I are using Hamachi to send OSC between 2 software applications on Mac Pros connected via Mesh network, assuming that's the right network to choose for this setup. We are using Mac OS Big Sur and Monterey on those 2x remote Mac Pros, to send OSC from TouchDesigner to Ableton. 

Mac Pro Ableton Hamachi IP = 25.3.200.##

Mac Pro Touchdesigner Hamachi IP = 25.14.161.##


We have configured our routers to forward ports TCP 12975, 32976 & 443 and UDP for 17771. On each of our respective routers we use our LAN 192.168.#.# IP addresses to forward to our Macs, not the Hamachi IP! No firewalls or security software is in use.


Touchdesigner requires ports 58888, 58811, 51111 to connect between Ableton. Whilst we do get a connection. OSC info is being sent, the OSC plugin on Ableton shows the source Hamachi IP from Touchdesigner. We have not set port forwarding for these 3 ports on our routers, imagining this is handled through Hamachi somewhat automatically. 


The main issue is, on the Touchdesigner Mac I place the remote Hamachi IP of Ableton Mac to connect both Macs, that Ableton Mac shows via the OSC plug-in that is is connected remotely, and OSC data coming through sporadically across to Touchdesigner interface (ie controlling various things), but on the Touchdesigner interface it usually indicates by way of stating '1 connection', instead it shows '0 connections'. But data comes through as I said, sporadically or consistently.


Also, in Ableton, other OSC plug ins can be placed into 8 different audio tracks to send various/specific OSC data that represents what Ableton is doing (ie audio levels, midi notes etc) of each track. That plug in will show the Touchdesigner Hamachi IP 25.14.161.## to indicate it's connected. But occasionally the IP reverts to 255.255.255.#, the the plug in has to be deleted and a new one inputted, then same thing may happen. Because we use the OSC plug in on 8 different tracks they all continually switch back to 255.255.255.#. There seems to be no rhyme or reason.


So I am still seeking a solution, wondering if the fact the UDP port negotiation cannot lock in a static port that OSC can use to stay connected, ie Hamachi is flipping around different ports and failing and reverting to 255.255.255.#?


I am curious if this is a solution - Your documentation speaks of setting Local UDP and TCP in Hamachi Preferences, but unclear which ports we are to place there. Mentions placing router ip as well.  So does that mean 192.168.#.#:58888 or is it the Hamachi IP and which port?


Does disabling port detection help?


Have searched the rest of community support and read many posts/faq here.


Any help to clarify this would be great. We both really like Hamachi and want to work with it.


Thank you in advanced.