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Hamachi network with ip camera's, able to ping camera but unable to connect.

Hi all!

I have 5 IP camera's at a work location, all connected to the local nework there. This network also contains a PC running Hamachi as a Gateway.


My PC at home is also running Hamachi, as a member of the "Gateway Hamachi" network, a correct IP-Adress was automatically assigned and it's correct. (matches that of the 'local' network) The local & remote PC's can see eachother as if they where in the same network. The remote PC is also able to ping ALL camera's. It al seems good so far.

The problem is: The video managing software is unable to see the camera's and says they are all offline...but theyr'e not, they are all online and pingable.  I have opened the port 2020 that the camera's use in the router but it makes no difference. I can ping but not connect.


Hoping anyone can help me with the next step.


Thanks in advance.