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How on earth am I supposed to run this damned Hamachi?

Where on earth is the damned LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine?

I mean, Hamachi says it's performing some nonsensical self-diagnosis, so I tried reinstalling it and giving it another shot, but it's still not working. I decided to turn to YouTube for help. So I went to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services to find LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine, but it's not showing up.

I even went to C:\Program Files (x86), deleted the Hamachi files, and re-downloaded it several times, but it's still not appearing. Is this a problem with my computer? I've been trying for an hour and I'm extremely frustrated. Why did they design the program this way? Couldn't they just make it run properly without including this annoying self-diagnosis feature that only serves to piss people off? What is the solution to this? If this continues, I feel like smashing my computer and never using Hamachi again.

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Re: How on earth am I supposed to run this damned Hamachi?

Review these support resources before you post:  

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