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Is Hamachi still good for LAN multi-player?

I'm getting a friend of mine the game during thus summer sale. However, I already experienced a bit of multi-player from other friends of mine and the ping is unbearable reaching 200-400 ms and disconnecting. We used Hamachi in Unturned before and the ping was great. Is Hamachi a good way to LAN?

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Re: Is Hamachi still good for LAN multi-player?

I know I'm responding a month late, but I'm going to have to go with no.


Was playing multiplayer with friends, and suddenly Hamachi stopped working for me, even after I did every techie thing reccomended, from mucking with firewall settings to adjusting network settings.


Now, part of this could be I never verified my hamachi account just now, but there's nothing stating that's a potential issue. On top of that, all of Hamachi's help articles are terribly written, with nothing that would help your average user who never touches command prompt.


If you can, I would HIGHLY suggest, creating your own gaming server. Either with a cheap desktop pc, or with a raspberry pi set up. That would be the best option.


Some games allow multiplayer via Steam's servers which is another viable alternative. Or even going through other game server services.

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Re: Is Hamachi still good for LAN multi-player?

Hamachi can still be a reliable option for LAN multiplayer, offering low ping and stable connections, especially when playing games like Shadow Fight 2 mod menu. Just remember to configure it properly and optimize your network settings for the optimal gaming experience.

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Re: Is Hamachi still good for LAN multi-player?

Absolutely! Hamachi is still a reliable option for LAN multiplayer gaming. Its ease of use and ability to simulate a local network over the internet make it a valuable tool for connecting with friends and enjoying multiplayer experiences. Plus, with its continued updates and support, it remains a go-to choice for many gamers looking to play together remotely. If you're looking for a hassle-free way to set up LAN multiplayer sessions, Hamachi is definitely worth considering. And for more gaming-related tips and tricks, be sure to check out!