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The game doesnt launch on Hamachi network

Hello everyone.


I am trying to play games online with Hamachi. The issue that I have is that those games doesn't work on Hamachi network but on my default ethernet network. What I mean is that when I host a game, my IP adress won't be my Hamachi one but my local network one.

I found on internet that it might be because my Hamachi is not the priority network. For this reason I did the following:

But it doesn't fix the problem.

I also tried to follow this:




But as you can see Hamachi simply doesn't appear in the menu.

Also the Hamachi network says "no internet connection" on windows.

How can I fix this ?

I am on windows 10


Thank you very much.

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Re: The game doesnt launch on Hamachi network

Have you tried checking your firewall settings to make sure that Hamachi is allowed through? It's possible that your computer's security settings are blocking it from working properly.

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Re: The game doesnt launch on Hamachi network

Experiencing issues launching games on Hamachi, tried adjusting network priority with no success. Hamachi doesn't appear in the menu, and it shows 'no internet connection.' Any tips? On a side note, tackling network problems while playing volleyball feels like striving for a perfect  volleyball lift – challenging yet doable with the right strategy! 🏐😅 Any insights on resolving the Hamachi dilemma would be much appreciated.