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VPN error, please help

so, i use hamachi to play a game called "Risk of Rain" due to them not having their own servers, and i would play with 2 freind, last year, it worked perfectly, i could join and host games so my freinds could join them, but i tried using it 2 days ago, yesterday, and today, and i keep getting the same results through the "diagnose" feature:

VPN domain's tap device is down

Local results:
Adapter configuration:
Cannot get adapter config
Traffic test: Cannot complete test
Peer results: [211-893-646]
Adapter configuration: OK
Traffic test: Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings

My windows defender doesn't work, so i know that its not the problem, i do use zonealarm though, i havbe hamachi and all the secondary processes on super-trust, i've also treid snoozing the firewall and still get the same results, ive treid reinstalling, re-running the setup with the program still existing, and it still hasnt done anything. I've been surfing the web for answers and have not found any solutions that fixed my problem, if you need a screenshot of something for more info, just let me jnow, thanks

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quick addition

im also using ethernet for my internet connect and due to windows defender being broken for me, the "advanced settings" option is grayed out in the windows firewall, so i cant acces that to see if its windows itself thats blocking it, but again, it worked previously and the only thing i've changes is my antivirus

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i got windows sefender woking and i added both hamachi-2-ui and LMIguardian and its still not working, is there another program i have to add?