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Azure AD Federated Login not working for one user


 I'm struggling to get Azure AD SSO LastPass working for all of my users. I've configured the Azure AD provisioning app and Azure AD login app. SSO works for some users but fails for others. So far, I have a user which was showing not showing as federated, I've tried selecting her for federation, but she still gets an error when trying to login. So far, I've done the following:


1. De-selected the user in the Federated Login users console and then selected the user for federated login (she still can't login).


Next, should I try to?

2. Reset the master password, give the password to the user to login.

3. Select the user for federation.


Should the user get an email about this , informing them what to do?  Is there a document that gives a good overview of the process?


I've got to say, I've configured multiple apps for Azure AD SSO, LastPass has been the most troublesome by far.

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Re: Azure AD Federated Login not working for one user

@LearningAdmin20   If you have a business account, then you probably have a direct dial-in option for Support.  This should be available after you log in at, under the menus in the upper-right.  You can also request a call-back through the support site here: 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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