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Backing up enterprise passwords


I'm wondering if there's a convenient way to either automatically, or even manually backup our IT department's critical shared folder passwords, in case LastPass were to either be temporarily or permanently inaccessible.

I was thinking of utilizing the export option available, saving that to a local file, then uploading that to either our department's Google Team Drive, or a local, heavily protected server. The problem is that when running export on my account it exports EVERYTHING, including my linked personal account. Essentially what we need is an export only on our shared department's folder. It's unnecessary, and also not comfortable, having our individual data (especially the linked personal account) included in the export.

The only workaround I can see is whoever is doing the export and backup each month or so will have to sift through the export data and manually delete their personal entries, leaving room for human error, so that's far from ideal. I don't think we want our personal bank account login accidentally getting in!

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is there another way I should be approaching this?

Thank you!
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Re: Backing up enterprise passwords

Sadly no. I have the same issue and this is yet another critical feature missing from Lastpass Enterprise.

We choose Lastpass Enterprise, expecting them to actually have a serious product, knowing how well Lastpass works on personal accounts, but it's been a disappointment and we are now looking into other solutions, as it's clear that they have no focus on their enterprise solution.

Critical features lacking from our point of view:
Proper backup features
The ability to share templates
Templates which can handle special chars (I tried to get this fixed with a ticked to their support, I gave up.).
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Re: Backing up enterprise passwords

Hi Paul,

you could split up your personal account and the administrative account. The administrative account then can do administrative tasks and you are free to link anything you want in your personal account.
The most obvious disadvantage to that solution is, that you need to pay for an extra license.

Best regards