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Duo 2FA broken for months on macOS--any fix in sight?

My organization (the University of California, Berkeley) requires that we use Duo 2 factor authentication to log into LastPass.


For well over 2 months now, it's been impossible to use Duo 2FA with the macOS native LastPass app and Safari extension. When you get to the Duo step, you just get a blank screen, like the one below:


The folks who run LastPass for our organization submitted a ticket to LastPass support, and had it escalated, on August 3rd raising this issue. Back then they were informed that it was a known issue and being worked on. But it's still broken after all these months.


When will we get a fixed version? I'm honestly having a hard time understanding why such a breaking-level bug has not been resolved for many months.


Any information would be most appreciated--as an IT person, logging into and out of the various systems we support pretty continually, it makes my day, every day, so much more cumbersome to have to work around this bug.





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Having a similar issue with Chrome on Windows when using Duo 2FA (same blank screen you have in your screenshot).

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I did find a workaround for macOS/Safari last week, maybe something similar would work for you?


1) If I sign into LastPass using the LastPass Safari plugin, it works properly, and I get the Duo prompt. Doing that ALSO enables the functionality of the macOS app.
2) I can even sign in to the macOS app, and then click on the Safari plugin to complete the Duo second-factor authentication.
What’s still broken is that when I sign into the macOS app, when it gets to the screen that should have the Duo second-factor authentication, it’s just a blank screen like in my original screenshot above.