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New Contributor

How do you accept a shared folder?

So we're trialing LastPass Teams, but are stumped already:

  • I created a folder, converted into a shared folder, and then shared it with my colleague.

  • When sharing, I set him as an admin, and clicked the checkbox to send him an email.

  • We can both see the folder under "Sharing Center," but for both of us it shows Invitation Accepted = No.

  • He received an email notifying him of the share, but there was no link to "accept" the invitation, and we can't find anywhere in the Vault to "accept" the invitation.

  • The shared folder and its contents are NOT appearing under "Sites" for him, and he access the folder or its contents.

    Can anyone help?
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    New Contributor

    Re: How do you accept a shared folder?

    I have exactly the same issue.
    I share a folder with my colleges. They can see the share folder but impossible to accept the invitation

    Can anyone help?
    New Contributor

    Re: How do you accept a shared folder?

    Yes I have the same exact issue too, the documentation for this feature is terrible. I got a 404 page on some of the doc links.