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New Contributor

LastPass Browser Extension/Add-On for Edge

Users in our organization are experiencing issues with the LastPass browser extension/add-on for the Microsoft Edge browser. 


  • the icon in the toolbar will disappear and become hidden. 
  • When we click Extensions and unhide the LastPass, it will prompt to sign-in again. We use SSO. 
  • It will do the behavior above sometimes several times a day. 
  • Windows 10 20H2
  • Edge version 103.0.1264.37
  • The extension is installed for every user we have via GPO.


Check out all the comments that have happened in the last week for the LastPass Edge browser add-on/extension:
LastPass: Free Password Manager - Microsoft Edge Addons2022-07-08_11-23-31.png


New Contributor

how do you solve the problem with Premium.

This morning the LastPass extension has disappeared from the extensions.

My only option is the Free version extension and it asks me to sign up for LP!

How can I get the LP extension back onto the Edge browser?