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LastPass Enterprise with LastPsss Families

I use Lastpass Families at home, and my company uses Lastpass Enterprise. Unfortunately, any folder I share to a family member at home is not searchable when I am logged in with my Lastpass Enterprise account, as it was with my personal account. I can still see items I have not shared from my personal account--just nothing that has been shared with a family member. Has any progress been made to fix this interface glitch?
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Re: LastPass Enterprise with LastPsss Families

My company just rolled out last pass enterprise and this issue with shared family folders still doesn't appear to be fixed.  It's been over 3 years since this was first posted.  I linked my personal families account to my enterprise account.  I can see all my personal folders but I can't see any of the shared family folders.   Please fix this so I can utilize the shared families folder. Without it, I need to move all the websites out of the shared families folder and share each one individually.  Certainly this isn't the best solution.  Thanks.

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Re: LastPass Enterprise with LastPsss Families



Currently it is not supported to share your Teams or Enterprise shared folders with a linked Families account. Since linking an account only links the vaults, shared folders are not part of a user vault and thus aren't able to be shared with linked accounts. 

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