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Lastpass Active Directory Connector Group Sync



I am setting up a new Lastpass Enterprise account with only the one admin account at this time.


I am setting up the Active Directory Connector to synchronises users and groups into Lastpass Enterprise but have run into an issue whereby the users sync across into the "awaiting approval" state, however, no groups are synced across.


I have two level AD groups

CN=APP_LP_Lastpass_Users,OU=Security Groups,OU=Shared Services,OU=Organisation,DC=OurCompany,DC=local
CN=APP_LP_Lastpass_Groups,OU=Security Groups,OU=Shared Services,OU=Organisation,DC=OurCompany,DC=local


All users to be synced are members of the users APP_LP_Lastpass_Users AD group, which is used as Filter for users in the Lastpass Active Directory Connector



All groups to be synced are under the umbrella group APP_LP_Lastpass_Groups AD group which is used to whitelist which groups should be synced. I have theI have the Create Groups checkbox and Nested Group checkboxes enabled.


I have a base DN set of OU=Organisation,DC=OurCompany,DC=local


All users and groups reside under this DN.


My expectation is my test user who is a member of APP_LP_Lastpass_Users and is a member of APP_LP_Finance_Admin which is an AD group under APP_LP_Lastpass_Groups should sync across.


The test user does indeed sync across and is left awaiting approval in the Enterprise console.


My expectation is that all AD groups under APP_LP_Lastpass_Groups are all synced across and should be visible in the Lastpass Enterprise console so I can then apply them to Lastpass shared folders appropriately.


However, none of the groups sync across.


I am scratching my head as I cannot see any more configuration options that may address what is occurring.


I have debugging enabled and it reports no errors.


Are my expectations wrong?


Will it only create groups for users that have users that are active in Lastpass Enterprise?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.









LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Lastpass Active Directory Connector Group Sync



To be sure we assist you with these Active Directory Connector Group Sync questions as soon as possible, could you contact our Enterprise support team via phone or by requesting a callback from the Enterprise support team?  You can access our Enterprise support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support or by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking "Contact Support." Once you enter in your Enterprise account info you should get the option for a callback from the team usually within 5 minutes or less:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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