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Lost Master Password for only super admin account in org - can I delete and re-create?

So here's the situation:


Setup a client with LastPass and federated all users with Active Directory except for the main super admin account a year or two ago.  At some point since then, it appears one of our techs reset the master password for the super admin and failed to record what the new password was.  None of the password recovery options are available since this account is only used sporadically for user management purposes so no one has logged in with the browser extension or setup SMS or anything.


If I delete and re-create the LastPass account associated with this email, will it still have super admin rights to the organization?  I don't care about any passwords, notes, etc. associated with this account, I just want to make sure we don't lose the ability to manage the users and AD federation.


I swear I did this once with a client that was in the process of setting up a LastPass account and forgot to record the password, but it's been a while so I can't say for certain I'm remembering correctly and that was a low risk situation since they hadn't started using it yet I'm so was hoping to get confirmation that this will work before I make the current situation worse.




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Re: Lost Master Password for only super admin account in org - can I delete and re-create?

Hi @jsavage8,


You should be able to delete and re-create the user, although another account admin may need to re-assign them as an admin then re-enable the "Permit super admins to reset Master Passwords" and/or "Permit super admins to access shared folders" policies, then assign the existing admin to the policy. If you'd like help from the LastPass Business team via phone to assist with making this change or walk you through how to do this, please reach out to the Business Support team. You can access the Business support number through your LastPass Admin Console > Support or request a callback by scrolling down and clicking "Contact Support" on this page and entering your Enterprise account info and you should then be given the option to receive a callback usually within less than 5 minutes:

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