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Passwordless is possible - today!

What is Passwordless? 

Passwordless login enables your employees to login into their LastPass vault without entering their master password. Once set up, your employees will simply authenticate through the LastPass Authenticator to access their vault.  


How do I enable passwordless login for my employees? 

Within the Admin Console you can enable a new policy: Allow passwordless login.  Here’s how. 


How does this affect my end users? 

If you enable the "Allow passwordless login" policy, all of your end-users will have access to passwordless login. Users can choose to set it up passwordless login. 


Can I enable passwordless login if my employees are federated? 

If your end-users are currently federated or you plan to federate in the future, passwordless login will not apply. Choosing between federation and passwordless login is a matter of preference, both are equally secure; federation will enable employees to use your identity provider credentials to access the LastPass vault, whereas passwordless will enable employees to authenticate into the vault without having to enter a password at all.  


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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