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New Contributor

Proper API call to remove from company but keep shares

I'm looking for a way to remove a user via the API, but keep the user's shares intact. To be clear: I am not referring to shared folders. I am referring to the shares that the user makes (to other users, teams, etc) in their time at the company.

I can, of course, *partially* do this with "Remove User From Company": . From the documentation:

JSON - Delete User (cmd = deluser)
The deluser command is used to delete individual users.

0 - Deactivate user. This blocks logins but retains data and enterprise membership
1 - Remove user. This removed the user from the enterprise but otherwise keeps the account itself active.
2 - Delete user. This will delete the account entirely.

"cid": "8920072",
"provhash": "<Your API Secret>",
"cmd": "deluser",
"data": {
"username": "",
"deleteaction": 0

But I'd prefer to do this without modifying that person's shares done over the course of their time here.

Any help from someone who's done this would be appreciated.