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Super Admin password reset for user won't appear

I have followed the instructions on how to reset a password for a Last Pass User after becoming a Super Admin.

I have logged out of my account and back in multiple times. I still can't get the option to change the users password to display.
The only option there is to "require master password change' for the user.

What am I doing wrong?



New Member

Re: Super Admin password reset for user won't appear

I, too am having this issue.


Re: Super Admin password reset for user won't appear

The behavior is because you became the "SuperAdmin" after the creation of the accounts already occurred, if you aren't a SuperAdmin BEFORE they get an account you don't PERSONALLY with your SuperAdmin account have access to reset the password for the user.


The best recommendation is that unfortunately any time you add a new SuperAdmin every user will have to reset their master password or that specific new SuperAdmin won't be able to reset the master password (or transfer vault) for any user that pre-existed before that SuperAdmin got their access granted. Any previously existing SuperAdmins have access to the users and could take care of those tasks even if the new SuperAdmin can't.


We already faced this, and had to decide to add any SuperAdmins we needed or THOUGHT we needed ASAP so we weren't asking users to keep resetting their Master Password over and over on every SuperAdmin addition.