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When a user has been deleted from the Azure sso group, it is stil active in lastpass

Maybe someone can enlight me:

Last year we set up a SSO using a group in Azure. Al''s well when someone new comes in. But a leaver from Azure will stay in LastPass untill I delete it manually. This month there are 40 leavers..... I would asume  these will be deleted automatically because they are no longer a member of the Azure Lastpass group.

Did I missed something in the SSO setup ??

Active Contributor

I found this one not set up in the Enterprise appl:
On the Edit Attribute card in the right navigation,
enter the following information:
• Mapping type = Expression
• Expression = Switch([IsSoftDeleted], ,
"False", "True", "True", "False")
• Target attribute = active • Match objects using this attribute = No • Apply this mapping = Alway

And there is no way I can add this one. I added 'active' in the advanced options but nevertheless I cant add this option. Is it really necessarily? 

Active Contributor

This is fixed, but still the leavers are active in LP 😞