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must be account administrator to update billing method?

Our payment card changed recently and so I need a member of our finance department to change the payment method. We have an Enterprise plan.


I created a user role which gave access to the billing page and assigned the role to a member of our finance team. The finance person was then able to visit and enter the new payment card details. However, when he clicked 'Confirm Purchase', he got the error message:

We're sorry, something went wrong
Please refresh the page and try again. For further assistance, please call +1 (781) 897-5017 (Available Monday - Friday, 24h ET) or contact us.

He got in touch with LastPass support who told him he needs to be an account administrator to access billing and payment methods. 


Is this correct?


If I make him an account administrator, he will have full access to everything on LastPass, which is against our security policies.  He cannot give me the payment card details as that is against our finance policies. So how are we supposed to update our billing method? We have many accounts with other online services which separate billing and admin roles.


(Also, what is the point in a role that gives access to the billing page if the user can't do anything on the page? And why the cryptic error message instead of clearly saying what is and is not possible?)

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Re: must be account administrator to update billing method?

Hi @John_K 

Sorry for any confusion there. 

The special permission you can grant (without Admin access) is used to view billing history.  At this time only account holder / administrators can change the billing info. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: must be account administrator to update billing method?

Hi @AshC 


Many thanks for the prompt reply.


(1) As I wrote, the finance colleague I gave billing access to is able to visit which is not a billing history page, but a page for adding licenses and changing payment methods. If users with that role are not able to use this page, it would avoid confusion if they were not given access to it.


(2) We are now in a situation where we either have to break our finance policies (which prevent anyone outside the finance team from accessing payment card details or we have to break our information security policies (which strictly limit the number of people to have administrator access in LastPass). It is quite common for 'billing manager' to be a user role in other online services A couple of examples: 

Does LastPass have any plans to provide this functionality?