A real management of trusted devices

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A real management of trusted devices

A real management of trusted devices

I often end up with several devices listed in the trusted devices list, without any clue of what are the currently active ones, or even their OS and browser. That forces me to purge all devices and re-enroll them every few months. But let's be frank, that's barely a management.


First we need more information about the devices. Things that LastPass is probably already logging anyway, but chooses not to show the user. By adding the following fields we can start to have something useful:


  • Timestamp of last access / last time used
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Timestamp of registration
  • IP + Geo IP of registration

Along these lines, it would be great to have some "obsolete device notification" that would ask the users if they would like to remove that device, or even an automated way of removing devices after (3, 6, 12) months of inactivity.


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Totally agree

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Totally agree! I just started my Lastpass experience and am really puzzled about "trusted" devices and "mobile" devices.


In trusted devices I have two lines, both are "Unnamed". There is absolutely zero information what they are. So, how can I trust them??


In mobile devices I have "iPhone" and a random identifier. But this identifier is nowhere else to be found. i wolud expect to see this identifier on one of my two iPhones. How else can I know which of those two this line is connected with?


I'm sad to see that Lastpass is not really up to the level that I expected. I might move on now, and test some other pwd managers.

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Yes, the LastPass mobile UUID setup is horrible.  There has to be a better way.  LP Premium user.

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