Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

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Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Ability to Archive or Hide Passwords

Pretty straightforward. I have many older passwords that I likely won't use and would like to hide or archive. Yet I am always surprised when I have to go scrape up a PW that's 8 years old I never thought I'd use again.  So I don't want them deleted. I can create a separate folder called "Archive" and place them there, but then I lose my original folder & password hierarchy. If I could check a box called "Archive" then the GUI and/or Settings could give me opportunities to view them or not. Generally they would be out of my search results unless I checked the box that said "Include Archived Passwords". Rule based dynamic smart folders could also be very useful. 


Registered to upvote this feature request. An easy archiving flow is crucil on LastPass. I use it to keep track of my digital life (incl. history), so deleting items is not viable. 


I have been asking for this feature for years.

I have approximately 1500 passwords/entries in my LastPass accounts (enterprise and linked personal).

While I do delete entries, many are kept for just-in-case, infrequent access and legal reasons.

From a usability standpoint, it's crazy that I have to wade through similar entries to select the correct and frequently used entry.

(As an aside, I'd also like to control the sort order or priority of presented items. I likely have 25-30 different entries for Microsoft URLs. But I only use 2-3 of them frequently. I shouldn't have to wade through 30 to get to the most frequently needed EVERY TIME).


What's annoying to me is an archive/inactive property for a LastPass entry would be really easy to add and also easy to filter on in the GUI across all clients. It's a project that an intern could implement very quickly, wouldn't take a ton of testing, wouldn't impact users that don't need the feature, and would by a tremendous win for those of us that want it. But the request goes unresponded to, year after year.



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I'm another who registered specifically to vote for this, after looking in the guides for this and finding out it doesn't exist.  Besides the hundreds of accounts I have (active and historical) for myself over 12+ years I've used LastPass,  I also track accounts (current and historical) for my own knowledge and ability to provide support for areas of my job and members of my family, and be aware of what to look at in case of future reports of past compromises.   (No, these are not situations where company or family accounts are viable, and even so, the active vs historical separation would still be a significant pitfall). 

I can see a few approaches for handling suppressing entries from appearing in the browser plug-in search/prompting as well as suppressing or sub-grouping the running of the Security Dashboard/Reports, but they seem fairly obvious and I would have to assume someone else would have already come up with the same by now.  

Please please re-visit and re-evaluate to find a viable, efficient solution for this! Thank you!

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Hi there, I registered for an account just to add my +1 to this feature request. I just went searching for this feature and ran across this discussion. I'm totally blown away and quite surprised that there is still not an easy way to archive old passwords!


I have many old passwords that appear first, and I have to scroll through them all to find my current account passwords. I normally do not need access to the old passwords, but I want to retain them just in case - for personal + work responsibilities.


I see that this was originally posted a long time ago at this point, and I'm curious if there is any update on when to expect an archive feature? I want to retain my old passwords in my vault, however I want to hide them from appearing unless I go looking for them.



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Identity would be great as long as it is not searchable from ALL and each item can be moved EASILY just like an edit option.  

otherwise it’s a no-go for identities. 

We appreciate there are all kinds of additional features that could be applied to these items that we don’t want to interfere with current work but want for historical purposes.    Let’s start with two features.

1) each item has a new flag active/inactive

2] the display has a switch “show inactive” default to “hide inactive”

Please do it. 🙂



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How is the archiving of passwords going? It would be great feature to be able to achieve some passwords that are no longer used, rather than delete them. Thanks Ashley

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Not sure whether it's just the browser rendering doing this - but the lastpass app only shows about 1 1/2 - 2 entries when searching for an entry. So scrolling through more than 2 or 3 items is a right PITA.

Being able to archive and remove them from view would be amazing.

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I don't know what the hold up is on this feature. It's painfully obvious that it's needed. I'm calling you out LastPass!


I can't agree more with the other commenters. The lack of response from LastPass on this topic is frustrating. The identities "solution" has too many drawbacks to bother implementing. But I'm getting really annoyed by seeing tons of old passwords and payment cards, etc., when I search my vault or get prompted when I log into a site. However, I DON'T want to completely delete most of the older info I have – I want to archive/hide it. So, I'm about to export the old info into a spreadsheet or something, which would eliminate most of the pros of having LastPass as a secure manager for this type of info in the first place. That, of course, makes me question why I'm paying for this product at all. So, it's time to look for something else.

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Is there any movement toward getting an archive feature? This has been talked about in the forum for quite awhile. Does anyone from LastPass monitor this forum?