Allow MFA Code Support for Mobile LastPass App

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Allow MFA Code Support for Mobile LastPass App

Allow MFA Code Support for Mobile LastPass App

There is no way to view the six-digit codes for MFA-enabled accounts via the iOS LastPass App.

The only way is through the LastPass Computer application.


This is a request to add the ability to view the MFA code saved on login credentials to be visible in the mobile app.


EG: I save a Google account and Secret Key on the LastPass application on the computer, and I can view the 6 Digit MFA code that is generated.  

When I log into my LastPass vault on the Mobile iOS App, I would like to see the 6 Digit MFA code there also since it is the same vault and data that I am accessing via the computer. 

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The LastPass Authenticator App for mobile devices already functions this way. 

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Hi Glenn,


We have tried the LastPass Authenticator app and it doesn't take the existing MFA secret key from my LastPass vault and use it. It requires you to add a separate OTP token to it rather than importing that existing data from my LastPass vault.

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I agree with this request. We are an IT company who used shared folders extensively with our staff. We are starting to transition away from Authy to LastPass for our TOTP codes, and this works well. However, the LastPass mobile app does not show the TOTP code field within the app. 


Using the LastPass MFA app is no good, as these are not linked to the items in our LastPass shared folders.

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Yes please add the option to sync the TOTP codes from the browser vault to the mobile app. IT can be synced to the mobile Vault or to the seperate Authenticator app.

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I've been using both LastPass personal and LastPass Teams for over five years and I love it. Being able to share passwords with co-workers is a game changer. However, sharing passwords with LastPass Teams is breaking with the recent push by websites to force enable 2FA. Myself and my co-workers need the ability to access our shared accounts both on our computer and our mobile devices. We really need the ability to access the TOTP codes via the LastPass mobile application.

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Hi @GlennD,


There are already a few users that would also love to see this feature implemented. If you still need more information please let me know.


This, per the OP, and I need the same thing for the Android app.


@GlennD , you said, "The LastPass Authenticator App for mobile devices already functions this  way. "


Except? It does not.  


TOTP codes for LastPass password entries, are not at all visible within the Lastpass app. Your link references the LastPass AUTHENTICATOR app - the OP, as well as myself and others, are referencing the LastPass mobile app, NOT the Authenticator.


This data should be exposed both for copy/paste purposes when viewing a credential entry in LastPass, via the mobile app (iOS and Android, both) as well as be something that is accessible when doing autofill operations for login purposes.

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Is "TOTP access from Lastpass App in iOS" on the planned updates list?


We have been waiting for a while....




Rick Lindberg




I'm starting an enterprise trial of Bitwarden next week, because among other things their (single!) app does this. Bitwarden seems to do a lot of the things (single app, totp codes for credentials in the app, full encryption of ALL data, etc..) I wish LastPass does.

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Yes please! It is highly frustrating that whenever any of our team are logging in on mobile devices, the LastPass app provides the password in our phone, but we can’t view the TOTP at all. We have to go to a desktop machine that we are logged into LastPass on, and then look up the credentials on there just to view the TOTP to get in. 

So please make the existing TOTPs that we have saved in LastPass available in the iOS (and Android) apps.