BUG: Custom fields in password entries overwrite preexisting data

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BUG: Custom fields in password entries overwrite preexisting data

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BUG: Custom fields in password entries overwrite preexisting data

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I submitted a customer support ticket and the guy on the phone told me to enter something here.


My team has recently purchased LastPass for our company and I have encountered a serious bug.



Custom fields in password entries overwrite preexisting data


Reproduction Steps:

1. Navigate to your LastPass vault.

2. Select the "+" button and then Password.

3. Enter anything for the Name, Username, and Site password fields.

4. Select Save.

5. Mouse over the newly created password entry and select the wrench icon to edit the entry.

6. Select the wrench icon again located at the bottom left of the entry.

7. Select the Add Form Field button.

8. Enter a name in the Field name section.

9. In the Value section select password and the check button.

10. Enter a password that is different than the one created in step 3.

11. Select Save.

12. Edit the password entry once more by selecting the wrench icon. Notice that the Username field has been overwritten or deleted.

13. Select the wrench icon and view the password set in step 10. Notice that the password is NOT the password set in step 10 but the password set in step 3.


Expected Result:

The Username and password set in step 3 are maintained and present as originally set. The password in the custom form field set in step 10 is maintained as originally set.


Actual Result:

The username field is overwritten or deleted. The password set in step 10 in the custom field is overwritten by the password set in step 3.



High Impact. The custom form field feature is not working as expected. This issue can cause loss of data if not aware of it.


Thank you in advance for any responses and please tell me if there is a dedicated place for bug reports. This looks to be for feature suggestions not bugs but this is where I was sent by customer support.


-Riley Matthews

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I'm having this exact problem - the UX of lastpass is terrible anyway, but at least it worked, albeit clumsily. Now this happens and it's lost me a bunch of data through overwritten passwords. 


Just don't set password using form fields

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High impact for me too. I have lost hours recovering lost passwords due to this and am on the verge of moving to another password manager. I use form fields extensively to store site information such as PIN, customer server login info, etc. LastPass has been creating custom fields that duplicate the user/password (why?). If the recent change was an attempted fix, please fix the fix!

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It's been two months and still no fix. I spoke to LastPass tech support a couple of days ago and the party line was "we'll fix it in a future release". I have lost quite a fair amount of important data stored in form fields. and am very disappointed with their technical team. Instead of making the UI prettier, how about not corrupting customer data? Please get a hotfix out immediately! Bitwarden is about to get a new customer!