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Better UI

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Better UI



I am using LastPass for years now, and your UI/UX could be a fit... Refreshed. A lot of interactions are clumsy, almost buggy and overall I think a redesign would benefits a lot to LastPass. 


I don't know if you have a designer working with you, but you could hire a contractor. Or maybe just ask the community. 


Let me know if you want more info, since I am a product designer I could help you.

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Thank you for bringing this up, Nash,


I find that the LastPass browser extension window (OS does not matter IME, it's equally bad everywhere) that opens when you ***try *** to select login credentials with more than one entry is ridiculously badly designed. Instead of showing me all the possible entries that are available, it always shows the whole shebang of LastPass-options right underneath that – in full. This takes up so much room that I only can see one and a half of my own entries. So if you use LastPass a lot, this adds up to a good deal of annoyance.


Have they even tried their own software?