Billing option PayPal

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Billing option PayPal

Billing option PayPal

For now we can only pay with Credit Card.

Please add PayPal as an option for the people who do not have a Credit Card.

I am sure there are a lot of people who would like this payment option.


For me personally this is a deal breaker. If Credit Card is the only option for Premium, I will move on to another service (despite having been using lastpass with satisfaction for a long time) because of the upcoming changes to the free plan.

Active Contributor

And you can also add wire transfer option as well

New Member

I agree. Since I am outside of the US, if I use my credit card I would have to pay for foreign exchange fees. This means I will have to pay more.

I have USD in my Paypal account so this is a better option for paying.

New Member

same here! please add paypal.

I currently pay premium through paypal and families needs to go through a creditcard I don't have.