Can I See the Date I Created Something?

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Can I See the Date I Created Something?

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Can I See the Date I Created Something?

All the questions about this in these fora seem focused on "sorting a listing by created date" and not on whether or not one can show a created date for a specific item. So I'm left wondering if there still might be some hope that I can somehow find out when I created an item. For example, when I click on the "history" clock icon, it shows me date/times when I made various changes and one would most certainly expect that creation itself would be a change, but when I click on a history icon for an item that has not been edited since creation, it says "No history available".
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I also want this feature
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This is an EXCELLENT question and, coincidentally, one for which I, too, have sought an answer for two years.
Can somebody PLEASE GET ON THIS!?!?
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I ALSO want this feature.

It is an embarrassment (to LastPass) that it isn't available.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed this feedback along to our developers for an interest in this option when viewing Vault entries for consideration in future updates to LastPass.

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In particular, please ask the developers to include the creation date as a column in database exports.

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I would like this as well. For the most past, I never see history. Today, I needed to know when I created the account/password for an interaction for a site.

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A column with creation date would be so helpful when organising and cleaning up old passwords. The current situation is that, when you've recently created a new (important) password, and do not use it after creation, the "last usage" field is set to "never" - which  lumps your recent creations together with all the 10 year old passwords you've never used, and whose sites are probably defunct by now.