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Checkbox option for LastPass Tour

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Checkbox option for LastPass Tour

I have a browser that disables cookies so it's annoying that I have to keep on clicking the prompt "Maybe Later" or "Take the Tour" only to have every time I open my browser. LastPass is supposed to promote privacy so not having cookies shouldn't be discouraged with a recurring notification. I say leave this as on option to check/uncheck that can tie to the account instead of the browser or remove it entirely.

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I also find the family tour popup very annoying. Considering this is a security tool, telling users that they should not clear browser cache is just not an acceptable response from the support team (buy our tool so you can be secure, but please lower your browser security to use it!!!). This will be a factor when it comes to my renewal.

The tour advert should be changed to a targeted email or similar.

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Status changed to: Declined

We plan to change the tool used to present the Tour to new LastPass Families customers later in 2022. In the mean time you could configure your browser to ignore LastPass cookies when clearing your history.

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When will this be fixed - I hate being annoyed with this at every login - I actually am not clearing cookies and still get this.  I can move to another password manager offered by my office - but I would prefer to stay with lastpass - unless this is not fixed.